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23/24AW Trend
15 November 2022

In recent two years, due to the epidemic situation and various influences, some new fashion trends and designs have emerged, enriching people's lives and clothing, adding some beautiful and happy colors to the boring life.

Autumn/Winter 23/24 Trendy Idea
15 November 2022

On November 9, 2022, we held the second press conference. It has achieved great success. We introduced the needle type, weave design, environment-friendly color, yarn, etc.

Fashion Hot Favourite Fel Island Sweater
11 November 2022

When it comes to sweaters with atmosphere in autumn and winter, Fel Island sweaters have a special sense of time like those sisters like. They seem to be cliches every year, but they have new patterns every year.

Best in autumn and winter
11 November 2022

LETTERS JACQUARD KNIT There is no doubt that the letter jacquard knitwear is the top 1 item this year. On various social platforms, the letter jacquard knitwear has become the favorite of many fashion bloggers, also known as' versatile knitwear '. This design is full of fashion and simplicity, meeti