Trends Of Craftsmanship In Spring And Summer 2022

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Jacquard process

Jacquard is an unmissable highlight. Not only traditional styles are used in a variety of ways, but also new emerging designs are used in a variety of ways. It is an indispensable decorative design in all single products.



Random hollowing out

This season's hollow craftsmanship has a little more chic and candid. Various brand designs use a large area of hollowing in the form of regular mesh, which increases the layered effect of clothing. The weaving cutout technique is vivid and playful, with a romantic atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that this season's hollowing out not only stays on woven fabrics, but some brands also use unique knitted overlock technology to lead a new trend of knitted hollowing out fashion.



eye-catching sequins

Sequins are an important element to add eye-catching cushions in clothing design, showing rich effects through different light sources or different angles. Each brand design adds sequins to the embroidery, and enhances the level of embroidery through bead embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery, making the clothing more advanced and refined.


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