Top 10 Popular Colors And Top 5 Classic Colors In Spring And Summer Of 2023

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According to a series of data and trend prediction, the colors of spring and summer 2023 will be reinterpreted with modern advantages, combining tradition and innovation, and combining our demand for bright and energetic enthusiasm with quiet colors.

Cherry tomato red

This color is not as bright as bright red, but full of endless vitality. Any clothing will be very suitable, more suitable for spring and summer. It's a good fashion trend and color.

women coat


This color is more gentle and comfortable, showing vitality in tenderness, making people feel full of temperament, more suitable for different skin colors, and will highlight their own beauty.

women cardigan

Frozen Mango Orange

The fruit orange with tropical flavor makes people see the vitality of spring and summer, giving them a cool taste in summer. It is an infallible color for spring and summer.

orange long coat

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