Popular Hotspot Of Women's Knitted Dress In Spring And Summer 2023

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Most of the highlights of spring and summer 2023 are lightness, summer, idyllic, etc. The handmade texture conveyed by this design has brought us some relief and let us face the impact of online culture.

The key is to use organic materials, such as knitting incision, manual clockwise, crochet, etc; More brands choose production processes that conform to environmental standards, and reasonably use unsalable materials or end wires.

women design

knit dress

All brands have deeply cultivated consumers' desire for nostalgic items, and introduced lightweight retro style and geometric design. The highlights of the collection are the side cut and various jacquard patterns. Choose hollow mesh or lace to highlight the lightweight feel of spring and summer knit dresses.

women dress

Knitted jacket

The summer knit vest is made of lightweight yarn and hand designed with hollow or custom hooks. The introduction of high waist or short skirt has injected the style of festival or resort into the works. This style can be explained by a clean colored crochet design.

women sweater

Knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigan is ideal for cool nights. This elegant work is designed by matching different yarns with missing stitches, loops, jacquard and other processes without adding additional elements, just by designing corresponding patch bags, rib accessories and woven belts.

women cardigan

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