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As an important element of clothing, hats are either practical and warm, or interesting designs. Each appearance can bring a new visual experience. Next, make an inventory of all kinds of hats in the recent show, which may bring you new inspiration.Different hat styles will also reflect different styles and designs.

knitted hat

The essential items in autumn and winter can not be separated from the matching of wool hats. The rich yarn can always bring different surprises to people. In addition to cold protection, wool hats can also modify the face shape, which is very inclusive. It is a good piece to match with dresses, shirts and coats.

knittted accesories


The balaclava originated in Crimea. Local residents wear such hats to protect their faces and necks from the cold and strong wind. Now popular has been extensively transformed and designed by various fashion brands, adding fashion design to autumn and winter.

new design

Manual crochet cap

Handmade crochet hats have become a common accessory on various fashionable items in recent years. The alternating appearance of different needle shapes and patterns makes hats more interesting. Through a crochet, a thread can be woven into a piece of fabric, and then the fabric can be combined into clothes or accessories. This way of creating fabrics provides a new design idea for designers.

Manual crochet hat

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