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When it comes to sweaters with atmosphere in autumn and winter, Fel Island sweaters have a special sense of time like those sisters like. They seem to be cliches every year, but they have new patterns every year.

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Fel Island sweater, which is often said, is named after Fel Island in the north of Scotland (because the island is isolated from other parts of the world all the year round, the local people weave jacquard sweaters to protect their families from the cold. The picture of Edward wearing Fel Island sweater makes Fel Island jacquard sweaters become English style and popular around the world in nearly a century.

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Later, with the rise of Nordic style, such vintage sweaters also became "net red", paying more attention to the age of hand knitting, so jacquard sweaters and thick knitting can show the charm of Fel Island sweaters. Snowflakes, moose, pine trees... various patterns are regularly arranged and combined by colorful colors, which can create more styles than you can imagine, and of course, become the first choice in late autumn.

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In fact, it is not difficult to see from the above figure that this small area Fel Island sweater with patterns probably shows the simplicity and freshness of Nordic style. The non offensive beige color matches the dark color of the sea breeze, combining the calmness and simplicity unique to the earth color. As a daily wear, it is full of casual sexy.

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