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There is no doubt that the letter jacquard knitwear is the top 1 item this year. On various social platforms, the letter jacquard knitwear has become the favorite of many fashion bloggers, also known as' versatile knitwear '. This design is full of fashion and simplicity, meeting the love of young people! We can add your various fashion design resources to the products you want, so that your inspiration can be reflected in the products repeatedly!

women sweater

In fact, in the winter of 2019, the letter jacquard sweater was in black and wine red; However, the grass green and off white in 2022 are obviously more in line with the current retro trend. They can be paired with white casual pants, washed jeans and other pieces to create a full atmosphere. The colors are also various, and there are many colors for you to choose~

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The cashmere jacket has now become the autumn and winter customized product of most fashion and sports brands. The 2022 autumn fashion brands put their own design on the back of the cashmere jacket, forming a distinctive color contrast design, which is quite eye-catching. Three colors: green grass, off white and bright orange, which are also very consistent with the current trend of vintage atmosphere. We also support adding your design to the product!

women coat

The cashmere jacket belongs to the loose version, which simply matches with wide leg casual pants and jeans to easily show the American street feeling. Grass green and off white are more popular with players.

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