Autumn And Winter Sweater Trends

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In the cold days of autumn and winter, you have to wear warm clothes, but in autumn and winter, the best item that can be both an inner layer and an outer layer is a knitted sweater. What kind of designs are popular in autumn and winter sweaters this year? Today, let's take a look at the trend of knitwear in autumn and winter in 2022. Let's take a look at the characteristics of this autumn and winter sweater.

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Cut and sewn with holes in collars and sleeves, there's a little surprise whether it's worn alone or tucked inside a coat. The design of the opening gives a visual coolness to the rigorous sweater, thereby weakening the heavy feeling of the sweater. You can also make a regular sweater warmer and add a little more glamour. Especially the sweater opened from the collarbone, the line of the collarbone just came out, forming the thinnest and weakest curvaceous beauty from top to bottom.

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upper and lower set

Knitwear once gave the impression of being at home and casual, but this year's trend of knitwear has shattered that image. In knitted suits, you can find neat stand-up collar elements to see the unity and coordination of suits.

two piece set

2 piece set

Layered knits layered inside and out are back. Combined with simple colors, unified elements are perfect for creating an image of comfort and sophistication.

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Twist shirts are timeless and can be timeless fashion staples. This year's return of the cardigan is more youthful, with an elegant box and high-waisted silhouette. A lot of romantic elements are added to the cuffs and collar.

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