Analysis of the fashion trend of women's knitted items in early autumn

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A modern oversized pattern theme with a fresh new look. Consider using a youthful 'new school' theme, playing with stripes, rhombus, and multi-colored rhombus patterns to create eye-catching large-scale intarsia. Give it a preppy look with oversized trim stripes. For the more conservative market, you can refer to the minimalist design, which is suitable for office casual clothing or business casual clothing.

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Pattern is an important element. Stripes are gaining momentum fast, and designs are more colorful and eye-catching than last season. Develop coloured stripes for individual knits, catering to joyful design themes. The classic multi-colored argyle pattern has also become more suitable for youth. Other designs also enrich the garment's texture with fleece yarns, gradient stripes, and intarsia for soft volume and comfort.


The popular aesthetic favors craftsmanship and vacation trends, and the classic Fair Isle pattern knitting has set off a new wave of craze. Create a multi-ethnic theme with a classic one-sided jacquard design that respects design. Animal patterns and traditional flowers are also innovative, using double-sided jacquard technology to add more bright colors and create a cross-season feeling.



The hollow design products are used in various shapes, mainly in the beach, resort style area. Consumers love craftsmanship, so crochet is still the focus, knitting with thicker, organic stitches. Less labor-intensive processes such as knitting lace and mesh using warp yarns.



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