Analysis of Fashion Trend of Women's Knitted cloths Design in Autumn and Winter of 2022/23

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Women's clothing in autumn and winter needs comfortable texture and elegant design at the same time, showing a variety of ways to wear versatile knitwear, which can be worn from the workplace to commuting.

new custom women sweater

Round neck

The round neck shirt emphasizes practicality and simplicity. Autumn orange and warm earth color bring new colors and yarns of this season.

women sweater


The popularity of the V-neck is growing in popularity. It can be seen everywhere from classic style to simple fashion.

v neck women sweater

Lapel shirt

This autumn and winter, the turtleneck sweater and the half high collar sweater both present the eye-catching effect, which is suitable for business and leisure themes. They can be practical in any occasion and present different effects.

women trend

The three collar types reflect different effects, add different designs, add new design highlights for autumn and winter design, and also meet the use of different types of identities and occasions.

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