23 autumn and winter women's knitted fabric trend application

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The outbreak of the epidemic has been breaking out intermittently, making home comfort a major trend, while fashion designs have gained more and more inspiration from home comfort, and pure natural comfort and soft-touch knitting have attracted attention. Using simple and advanced rib stitching and tactile yarns to combine various combinations and current lifestyle changes, it expresses the styles of office leisure, business leisure, and comfortable parties; the pattern design reflects the casual style of casualism.


Fashion rib

Ribbing is at the heart of any piece's décor, and it's not easy to go wrong. Give the piece a modern look and make the design more eye-catching. The distinct fine-needle knitting is suitable for office casual wear, and can be matched with new colors composed of cross-season bright colors such as various colors and needle designs. Fits the design tone of this season.



Warm Plush

Fleece-touch yarns such as mohair and plush mink with a warm texture are designed on sweaters for versatile comfort or casual pieces. A lightweight construction for a soft, skin-friendly feel for a soft, oversized sweater with basic stitching.



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