23/24AW Trend

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In recent two years, due to the epidemic situation and various influences, some new fashion trends and designs have emerged, enriching people's lives and clothing, adding some beautiful and happy colors to the boring life.

new design

In the past two years, High Street Colors has become more dazzling and popular with people of different styles. The popular colors of women have become more colorful, with more bright color designs, making styles more diverse. Meet different needs. The color of men has basically changed little. In addition to the basic earth color, some green designs have been added, which is more in line with the concept of global environmental protection, and also makes some new changes in men's clothing.

color design

In addition, there are also some new combinations of Knitting Construction. With other changes, Fel Island, Iceland sweater design, some more warm and retro popular elements are reflected, and Old School Jacquard, College Upper Yoke Jumpers design style has become popular.

sweater deisgn

With the popularity of women's bright colors, some colorful sweaters have become popular. Rainbow Stripe has also become more popular, which can be reflected in different clothes all year round. Rainbow striped sweaters have become a hot topic recently, adding a touch of bright style to the dull winter days.

women sweater