2022 autumn and winter women's knitting trend analysis

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Details are the key

The core style is reinvigorated with a refined hem detailing.  Small-scale scallops add a soft new femininity to the collar and cuffs, while oversized scallops make the simple style stand out. Keep the silhouette clean for sweet minimalism, or use lace and contrasting colors for a decorative effect.

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Lace, embroidery and crochet embellishments add retro style and classic appeal to party, festive and haute couture looks. Lace designs, which continue to take the market by storm, are not only suitable for high-end casual styles, but can also replace sequins and glitter in party wear, and crochet embellishments echo the growing craze for craftsmanship.


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The market continues to focus on collar design, and personalized collars have always been in the spotlight. Although the market focus is mainly on the idyllic pastoral style, its style is not suitable for everyone. To this end, many brands have begun to turn their attention to collar innovation, creating a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Use an oversized pointy collar for the neckline, or use a printed collar to echo the local print in the garment.


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